International Investment Position (IIP) en-NZ

New Zealand’s IIP statement provides a snapshot of the country’s international financial assets and liabilities. It measures the stock (or level) of New Zealand's financial assets and liabilities with the rest of the world at a particular point in time.

The IIP includes New Zealand's net international debt (lending to non-residents less borrowing from non-residents) and net international equity investment (investment in shares abroad less foreign investment in New Zealand company shares). A net international debtor position means that international liabilities exceed international assets.

The BoP and IIP statistics are closely related, with the former measuring transaction flows and the latter measuring stock positions. The difference in the level of international financial assets and liabilities between two points in time is due to:

• BoP financial account transactions

• other (non-transactional) changes that occurred during the period (eg revaluations, changes in market prices, and other changes such as write-offs).


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