Dilapidated buildings en-NZ

Dilapidated buildings are not counted as dwellings if they are unoccupied when census data is collected. If being used for shelter, and therefore occupied during census night, then they are counted as dwellings.

Dilapidated buildings are defined as buildings that are in an advanced state of deterioration, to the point of being uninhabitable by current social norms.

Indicators may include:

  • doors or windows broken or not secure
  • essential services have been cut
  • evidence of vandalism
  • extensive exterior deterioration
  • interior is bare and deteriorating
  • roof is not weather-proof
  • surroundings unkempt or overgrown.

A dwelling may show some signs of neglect without being classed as dilapidated, provided these signs are relatively minor. Examples are a lack of maintenance (paint flaking off) or repairs (for example boarded-up windows), or other jobs that are overdue (untidy garden or section) that do not amount to severe overall deterioration.




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