2018 Census dataset en-NZ

The 2018 Census dataset was created using data from census responses combined with those from administrative data sources. The 2018 Census has made careful use of administrative data on usual residents to supplement the responses received through field collection. This was necessary due to the lower than expected response.

We added administrative data to the 2018 Census dataset for:

  1. People who were listed in the household summary page but provided no individual response.
  2. People who did not respond but for whom there was good evidence that their usual residence was in a particular non-responding household.
  3. Where there was not good evidence someone lived in a particular household but there was good evidence their address was in a particular meshblock.

A person’s record was only added from administrative data where it was clear that person was not already recorded in the census data and if that person was in New Zealand on census night.




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