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Derived from Census 2013. Identification of Individual's Family Nucleus - this is the recode of the family group code variable identified the number of family groups within a household.

Identification of Individual's Family Nucleus is a derived variable that identifies whether a person is part of a family nucleus. The variable can be cross-tabulated with a number of other family variables, as well as demographic variables such as sex, age, and ethnicity.

If an individual belongs to a family nucleus, they are classified according to the family nucleus in the household to which they belong (first, second, third, or fourth and subsequent). If an individual does not belong to a family nucleus, then they are classified according to:

  1. whether they are related to a family nucleus (if one is present);
  2. whether they are related to anyone in the household (if a family nucleus is not present);
  3. whether they are unrelated, or
  4. whether they live alone, or live in a non-private dwelling.

Note: The main code is generally more detailed and the recode has some codes aggregated for simplicity of use. The classification codes between the main and recode variables differ as well.

This variable is not part of a dataset.


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