National Accounts (Income and Expenditure): Year ended March 2021



National Accounts (Income and Expenditure): Year ended March 2021


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Actual collective consumption, Actual final consumption, Actual individual consumption, Balance on the external current account, Balance sheets, Capital account, Capital transfer, Central government enterprises, Change in inventories, Compensation of employees, Compensation of employees to/from the rest of the world, Consumption of fixed capital, Current transfers from the rest of the world, net, Disposable income, Entrepreneurial income, Exports of goods and services, Final consumption expenditure, Financial account, Gross domestic product, Gross fixed capital formation, Gross national disposable income, Gross national expenditure, Gross national income, Gross operating surplus, Imports of goods and services, Income and outlay account, Institutional sectors, Institutional unit, Intermediate consumption, Local government, Local government enterprises, Net saving – corporations, Net saving – households, Primary income, compensation of employees, gross operating surplus, entrepreneurial income, net taxes on production, property income, Private corporate producer enterprises, Private non-corporate producer enterprise, Private non-profit organisations serving households, Producer enterprises, Production account, Property income, Purchases of non-produced non-financial assets from the rest of the world, net saving, Secondary income, Services for own use, Statistical discrepancy, Subsidies, Tangible fixed assets, Tangible non-produced assets, Taxes on production and imports, Value added
Finance, Public Finance, Dissaving, Institutional, Sector, GDP, NPISH, Savings, Income, Outlay, Expenditure, Assets, GFKF, Production, Market, Non-market, Tax, Government, Consumption, Households, HHIO, non-profit, producer, financial, Imports, Exports, ROW, op-surp, GNI, GNDI, GNE, GFCF, Entrepreneurial
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