OSCAR subsidy en-NZ
OSCAR subsidy en-NZ

The OSCAR Subsidy (Out of School Care and Recreation Subsidy) is for children aged 5-13 years (or up to 18 years if they receive the Child Disability Allowance). It is a payment which helps families on a low or middle income with the costs of:

• before-school and after-school programmes, up to 20 hours a week, • school holiday programmes / camps, up to 50 hours a week.

Children need to be attending the programme for three or more hours a week. Parents of children attending unapproved programmes cannot receive an OSCAR Subsidy. To receive an OSCAR Subsidy the parent or caregiver needs to have a low income as well as being in one of the situations listed below: • working, studying or on an approved training course • involved in an activity that Work and Income has asked the parent to do • be a shift worker who works nights • be seriously ill or disabled • be caring for a child in hospital or for a child they get the Child Disability Allowance for. Parents can't get the OSCAR Subsidy if the child's other parent or caregiver can take care of the child.




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