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Business Financial Data Collection


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Business Financial Data Collection is a new quarterly collection of business financial data, covering most of New Zealand’s economy. It provides indicators of sales, purchases, salaries and wages, and operating profit.


It provides indicators of sales, purchases, salaries and wages, and operating profit. This data feeds into the current quarterly measures of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and will be used to assist in producing a new quarterly income measure of GDP (GDPI).


3 Quarterly

Main users of the data

National Accounts (Quarterly GDP), economic analysts and forecasters.

Usage and limitations of the data

A number of industries are not included within the scope of the Business Financial Data Collection. These are industries where the National Accounts use a different indicator (eg Agriculture), industries where sales and purchases are not a significant part of operating surplus (eg Financial and Insurance Services), and industries that are entirely dominated by government sector units (eg Local Government Administration). The Retail Trade and Accommodation industries are collected as part of the Business Financial Data Collection, with data beginning from the September 2017 quarter.

Revisions in the business financial data release can occur when new or updated information is received from businesses. Revisions can also occur when modelled and imputed data is reviewed against financial accounts when they become available. When these occur, revisions to business financial data is generally considered for the previous several quarters. In quarters where revisions occur they are noted in the information releases and downloads.




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