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IDI Auckland City Mission data (ACM)


Auckland City Mission is a social service provider, who operates with the purpose of providing unique and specialised health and social services to marginalised and vulnerable Aucklanders in desperate need. The Auckland City Mission offers many different services including: • Advocacy • Calder Medical Centre (including a Pharmacy) • Crisis Care and Community Services • Elder Persons Services • Homeless Services • Social Detoxification Services They also serve dinner every night, and organise numerous activities for Clients to participate in, including a large Christmas lunch every year. They rely heavily on donations and support from their many volunteers. It is important to note that not all of what Auckland City Mission does is captured in the dataset below. For example, individuals can pop in at any time during the day and pick up a loaf of bread, or pop in each morning for a hot drink, to pick up clothes, blankets, etc. Auckland City Mission also participates in “Foodlink” by receiving bulk food donations and distributing them to community food banks between Thames and Kaitaia.


Auckland City Mission (ACM) data documents the content of the Auckland City Mission dataset the Mission provides to Statistics New Zealand to use in the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). This dictionary gives information on the variables contained in the dataset including technical information and descriptions. Use this data dictionary if you are interested in understanding and accessing the Auckland City Mission dataset in the IDI for your research.



People and Communities
Housing, Intervention, Medical
1996 - 2016

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