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Data Collection BOS en-NZ



Business Operations, ICT, Innovation, Business Practices, Employment Practices, International Engagement, Business strategy and skills, Price and wage setting, Financing, Regulation
Operations, ICT, Regulation, Investment, Tourism, Exports, R&D, Employment, Performance, technology, competition, infrastructure, shareholding, finance, computers, security, Internet, Connection, activities, Purchases, Sales, Websites, Networks, Cellphones, Innovation type, Development of innovations, Activities to support innovation, Product development expenditure, Abandoned activities, Not yet completed activities, Reasons for innovation, Source of ideas, Co-operative arrangements, Interllectual property, Barriers, product standards, audits, inspections, monitoring, Resource Management Act, Consents or approvals, Project cancellation, National environment standards, Hazardous Substances and New Organisisms Act, Emissions Trading Scheme, Compliane costs, Current overseas income, source of overseas income, withdrawl from overseas income, reasons , future expansion, strategies, barriers, previous overseas income, Overseas production, purchases from overseas, price review, price change, exporting, wage and salary bargaining, unions, recent financing, Debt finance, goals, planning, suppliers, benchmarking, information, employee practices, market focus, staff breakdown, vacanies, skill gaps, skills, training, renumeration, Fleible working arrangements, constraints, employment relations disputes
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