Unoccupied dwelling en-NZ

For census use a dwelling is defined as unoccupied if it is unoccupied at midnight and at all times during the next 12 hours following midnight on the night of data collection.

Unoccupied dwellings may be classified as 'empty' or 'residents away'.

An unoccupied dwelling is classified as 'empty' if it clearly had no current occupants and new occupants are not expected to arrive or move in on, or before, census night. Unoccupied dwellings that are being repaired or renovated are defined as empty dwellings. Unoccupied dwellings including private and non-private dwellings, baches, and holiday homes are defined as empty dwellings. A dwelling is classified as having ‘residents away’ where occupants of a dwelling are known to be temporarily away and are not expected to return on, or before, census night.




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