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#Information about data in news story - Foreign direct investment in New Zealand continues to increase#

FDI is where a single investor owns 10 percent or more of voting shares in a company, for example, New Zealand-based subsidiaries of overseas companies. Investments are reported on an immediate investor basis rather than ultimate investor. For example, if a European company invests in a New Zealand resident company via another company in Asia, the investing country will be reported as the country in Asia rather than the country in Europe (the location of the ultimate investor).

The data is presented on a directional basis rather than on a balance sheet basis as used in the quarterly balance of payments releases. The totals between methodologies are different. New Zealand’s international accounts statistics: user guide (pages 103–104) has more detail on the difference between methodologies.

Balance of payments and international investment position: Year ended March 2019 – table 22 under ‘Download data’ has information about New Zealand’s direct investment abroad.




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