Population for Annual Enterprise Survey 2020
Population for Annual Enterprise Survey 2020

The population for the AES 2020 financial year was 499,325 units, consisting of:

  • 427,754 (85.7 percent) units sourced from IR10 information
  • 17,573 (3.5 percent) units sourced from the survey
  • 1,690 (0.3 percent) not-for-profit units sourced from Charities Services
  • 52,308 (10.5 percent) non-sample units.

In the AES 2020, we weighted the postal survey unit responses to represent the non-sample units. The response rate required for the postal collection is set at 85 percent of the industry's goods and services tax (GST) sales. The response rate in 2020 was 91 percent.

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