Number of rooms en-NZ

A room is defined as a space in a dwelling that is used, or intended to be used, for habitation and is enclosed by walls reaching from the floor to the ceiling or roof covering, excluding service areas.

The number of rooms includes each attic, bedroom, conservatory, dining room, family room, games room, habitable cellar, hobby room, kitchen, living room, lounge room, studio, and study. Service areas such as bathrooms, corridors, garages, hallways, laundries, pantries, spa rooms, toilets, verandas, and walk-in wardrobes should not be counted as rooms.

If a dwelling is built in an open-plan style, then room equivalents are counted as if they had walls between them. Room equivalents do not apply to a one-roomed dwelling; for example, a bed-sitting room is counted as one room only.




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