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IDI ACM Expenses en-NZ
[acm_expense] (Published) en-NZ

This table captures the costs the Client has to cover on a weekly basis at the time of their visit to the Mission. This data is collected to allow the Crisis Care worker to properly assess the Client’s situation. The table consists of multiple rows per Client – one row per expense. The entered_date will reflect the most recent visit made by the Client, where expense information was captured. This table is overwritten each time the Client updates the information with Auckland City Mission, It is possible for some Clients to have records across more than one date. The Auckland City Mission’s process is that when a Client arrives at the Mission and has an interview with a Crisis Care staff member they should have some information with them to show their financial status. Crisis Care team members make a call as to whether or not to send the Client away to get paperwork or not. If the Client happens to not have appropriate paperwork with them, financial information is unlikely to be accurate, and will instead be a best guess, especially when it comes to expenses such as power.


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