IDI MOH National Non-Admitted Patient Collection data (MOH_NNPAC)



IDI MOH National Non-Admitted Patient Collection data (MOH_NNPAC)


The Ministry of Health National Non-Admitted Patient Collection (MOH_NNPAC) data documents the content of NNPAC table that the MOH provides to Stats NZ to use in the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). The MOH_NNPAC dataset contains derived administrative data collected from 2007 to (ongoing) for a subset of fields from NNPAC, specifically containing information about all non-admitted (outpatient, emergency department visit, non-attendance) events reported for the population cohort. The national non-admitted patient collection (NNPAC) dataset contains data about nonadmitted secondary care events, such as outpatient and emergency department visits. Non-attendances are also recorded; recording of non-attendances is also mandatory for clinics run by doctors. A non-attendance is where the appointment was not cancelled but the healthcare user either never arrived or left before being seen by the doctor. See the MOH website for more information about NNPAC. This table contains full row duplicates. During the full data validation of the Ministry of Health (MOH) pilot data supply in September 2014, certain data tables were found to contain full duplicate rows. Given the following:

  1. MOH (at that point in time) did not have the resources to strip out duplicate rows
  2. The number of duplicates were significant enough to have a sizeable impact on any frequency analyses (if these were deemed valid duplicates)
  3. MOH's relevant business units would need more time (than the Integrated Data Unit's production processes could afford) to properly investigate and confidently state whether these were recording errors or accepted duplicates, it was decided that certain tables with duplicate rows would be allowed and the Integrated Data Unit would make a note in the MOH metadata so that data users could make their own decision as to whether their research would keep or delete duplicates.

This dictionary provides information on the variables contained in the datasets including technical information and descriptions. The dictionary also provides encyclopaedic information on concepts, policies, and other high-level information relevant to this dataset. Use this data dictionary if you are interested in understanding and accessing MOH_NNPAC data in the IDI for your research.





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