National Labour Force Projections


National Labour Force Projections en-NZ

The national labour force projections have as a base the estimated resident population of New Zealand in the labour force.

National labour force projections give an indication of the future supply of people, usually living in New Zealand, available for work. They do not, however, indicate the extent to which people are available (eg number of hours per week).

The labour force includes people aged 15 years and over who:

  • regularly work for one or more hours per week for financial gain
  • work without pay in a family business
  • are unemployed and actively seeking part-time or full-time work.

People not in the labour force include:

  • people under 15 years of age
  • students who do not work for pay
  • people who are unemployed and not actively seeking work
  • some people with childrearing responsibilities
  • people who work without pay (but not in a family business)
  • people who have retired.
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