Housing quality en-NZ

Housing quality refers to the adequacy of the structure (internal and external) and internal environment of a dwelling.

Good quality housing is housing that is suitable for habitation. It provides sufficient shelter and protection from the outside environment, a healthy indoor environment (warm, safe, mould-free, and dry), and contains the amenities needed for everyday living.

  • Amenities are services and structures such as electric lighting, drinkable water, bath or shower, toilet, and kitchen/cooking facilities.
  • Dampness of a dwelling is described by either always damp, sometimes damp, or not damp.
  • Presence of mould is defined by whether there is mould present that has a total area larger than an A4 sheet of paper, or whether the total amount present is smaller than A4 size, or there is no mould.

An official definition of housing quality was published in 2019.

See also ‘Dwelling dampness indicator’, ‘Dwelling mould indicator’, and ‘Access to basic amenities’ in this definitions group.




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