Agricultural Production Census: June 2007 population

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Agricultural Production Census: June 2007 population en-NZ

The 2007 Agricultural Production Census includes all units identified on Statistics New Zealand's Business Frame as having agricultural activity. The Business Frame is a list of businesses in New Zealand, based on their registration for goods and services tax (GST) with Inland Revenue. In the case of agriculture, the Business Frame includes:

  • those units registered for GST (and filing a non-zero GST return) that have indicated involvement in agricultural activity (as defined above)
  • those businesses with more than $200,000 of GST sales or purchases, or that are an employer, whose main activity is not agriculture but that have indicated some secondary agricultural activity.

The compulsory registration level for GST is $40,000, so there is a partial and unquantifiable coverage of units below this level.

The eligible population when the census was selected was 63,000 enterprises.




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