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IDI BR PBN Employee Count en-NZ
[br_clean].[pbn_employee_count] (Published) en-NZ

The PBN_EMPLOYEE_COUNT table is a derived table in the IDI. It contains information sourced from the Business Register and the LEED production system.

A record represents the monthly employee count totals from both the BR and LEED. The BR count represents the employee counts at a PBN which is updated by the AFUS/MFUS surveys. The LEED count represents the employee counts at a PBN that have resulted from the allocation system within LEED quarterly production. This system allocates a job (identified by an employee-employer ird_uid) to a business location.

The coverage of the table ranges from the beginning of the 2000 tax year, that is, April 1999, to present. It is updated quarterly with the latest data from the BR and LEED.

Note: The IDI will be replacing the input to the variable ‘br_empc_idi_employee_count_nbr’. Instead of being sourced from the LEED production system, the IDI will be creating its own methodology to allocate jobs to a PBN. From the completion of the October 2014 refresh onwards, the IDI will no longer contain any LEED tables (which have existed under the from_leed_clean schema). The LEED allocation results are still sourced from the LEED quarterly production, and this will continue until the new methodology has been implemented. This will likely be delivered by in the 2015 calendar year.


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