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IDI MOH General Medical Subsidy Claims data


The Ministry of Health General Medical Subsidy Claims (MOH_GMS_CLAIMS) data documents the content of MOH_GMS_CLAIMS table that the MOH provides to Stats NZ to use in the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI). The MOH_GMS_CLAIMS dataset contains derived administrative data collected from 2002 to 2014 of a subset of fields from GMS, specifically from fee-for-service claims made by general practitioners. The General Medical Subsidy Collection (GMS) contains data on the fee-for-service payments made to doctors for healthcare user visits. It is used to monitor contracts with providers, to support the forecasting and setting of budgets, and to enable the analysis of health needs. Originally, almost all healthcare user visits to general practitioners resulted in a fee-for-service GMS claim. However since 2003, capitation payments made via Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) have progressively replaced fee-for-service claiming. Now GMS claims are made of only a limited number of healthcare user visits of specific types. See General Medical Subsidy Collection on the MOH website for more information.


This dictionary provides information on the variables contained in the datasets including technical information and descriptions. The dictionary also provides encyclopaedic information on concepts, policies, and other high-level information relevant to this dataset. Use this data dictionary if you are interested in understanding and accessing MOH_GMS_CLAIMS data in the IDI for your research.




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