Consumers Price Index: June 2014 quarter

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Consumers Price Index: June 2014 quarter

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Caveats on release

Celebrating 100 years of CPI

The official CPI time series started with the June 1914 quarter. With today's release of the CPI for the June 2014 quarter, the time series is now 100 years long. To mark the occasion, a media release will be issued at 1:00pm. The media release will have links to two new interactive visualisations. One shows when selected goods and services were added to or removed from the CPI, and the other shows how annual inflation has tracked over the past 100 years, with additional contextual information about influences on the CPI at the time. Recently digitised historical CPI documents and data will also be made available on our website.

Dynamic graphs included for the first time

We have included dynamic graphs for the first time in the consumers price index release. In the bar and column graphs you can hover over bars or columns to see exact values. For time-series graphs you can hover over the lines to see exact values, click the legend text to filter categories, and click and drag to zoom to specific time periods.

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Consumers Price Index: June 2014 quarter


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