Consumers Price Index: March 2014 quarter

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Consumers Price Index: March 2014 quarter

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New CPI visualisation tool We have a new interactive Consumers price index visualisation tool to help you to explore the changes in price and relative importance of goods and services in the CPI basket. The tool's interactive pie chart allows you to drill down from the all groups CPI to more than 100 basket subcategories including restaurant meals, electricity, petrol, and international air fares. The longer the slice the larger the percentage increase and the wider the slice the more important the subcategory is in the overall index. When you open the CPI visualisation, you will see a brief description of how to use it. For further details, click on the visualisation's 'help' link or see Help using CPI visualisation. You can also download the CPI data in CSV format from the link at the top right of the visualisation webpage. The CPI visualisation is available with the latest figures, for the March 2014 quarter.

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Consumers Price Index: March 2014 quarter


Price indexes, Consumers Price Index (CPI), Food Price Index (FPI)
Consumers, CPI, Food, FPI, Inflation, Price, Retail price, Cost of living, Monetary policy, Tradables, Non-tradables, Trimmed means, Weighted percentiles, Goods, Basket, Expenditure, Household expenditure
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