Food Price Index: April 2015

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Food Price Index: April 2015

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Statistics New Zealand

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Food prices now collected electronically

The way that Statistics NZ collects prices for the food price index (FPI) has changed. In February 2015, handheld tablets were introduced for field interviewers to price and submit fresh fruit and vegetable data electronically. In April, we extended this electronic data collection to all food items.

Until now, we've relied on traditional pen and paper methods, coupled with courier mail, to price and submit data. The new approach allows field interviewers to capture and send data back to the office in real time, leading to smarter, faster, and more efficient data collection and processing.

In May, we also started collecting data electronically for other items in the consumers price index (CPI) basket of goods from retail outlets like department stores and clothing stores. These prices will be included in the June 2015 quarter CPI release. We are taking a phased approach, to manage risks associated with rolling out new technology.

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Food Price Index: April 2015


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