Enterprises Count



Enterprises Count


This data series is a monthly count of enterprises as at the end of each month, mostly sourced from administrative data. This data is different from the annually published Business demography statistics which is based on internationally recommended methodology.


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Usage and limitations of the data

This series is limited to economically significant enterprises. It can be an individual, private-sector and public-sector enterprises that are engaged in the production of goods and services in New Zealand. These enterprises are maintained on the Statistics NZ Business Register, which generally includes all employing units and those enterprises with GST turnover greater than $30,000 per year.

There are limitations associated with this data series. These limitations include

  • Non-coverage of 'small' enterprises that fall below the economic significance criteria on Statistics New Zealand's Business Register (BR).
  • The data sources are not comprehensive and are of lower quality for small non-employing businesses.
  • Lags in recording enterprise entries and exits. Enterprise entries and exits rely on a variety of data sources to identify a continuing business that for example undergoes a change of legal ownership and restructuring in administrative data sources as well as genuine business start-ups and closures. The Statistics NZ Business Register (BR), which is the main source of data for the series, is designed to support quality national level statistics. The BR update sources can have timing lags and less robust information, particularly for medium and small sized businesses. These quality weaknesses can be highlighted in fine level statistics.
Main users of the data

EXTERNAL: provides information to Reserve Bank, The Treasury, Businesses, The Media, Economic Agencies (NZIER, Berl, Trading Banks), other government departments and industry associations. INTERNAL: National Accounts Division, Labour Market Division




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