Count of dwellings (information about this variable and its quality)


A dwelling is any building or structure – or its parts – that is used, or intended to be used, for human habitation. It can be of a permanent or temporary nature and include structures such as houses, motels, hotels, prisons, motor homes, huts, and tents.

There can be more than one dwelling within a building. For example, each apartment in an apartment building is a dwelling.



Variable Details

Other Variable Information

Priority level

Priority level 1

We assign a priority level to all census variables: Priority 1, 2, or 3 (with 1 being highest and 3 being the lowest priority).

The count of all dwellings is a priority 1 variable. Priority 1 variables are core census variables that have the highest priority in terms of quality, time, and resources across all phases of a census.

Overall quality rating for 2018 Census

High quality

Subject population

All dwellings

‘Subject population’ means the people, families, households, or dwellings to whom the variable applies.

Recommendations for use and further information

More information on this variable coming soon.

Contact our Information Centre for queries relating to this variable.

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