Agricultural Production Statistics: June 2013 (Final)

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Agricultural Production Statistics: June 2013 (Final)


Agricultural Production Statistics: June 2013 (Final)

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APS: June 2013 (Final)


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13/05/2014 12:00:00 a.m.


Statistics New Zealand


Statistics New Zealand

Series Information

Series Name

Agricultural Production Surveys and Censuses



Coverage Information

Temporal Coverage

  • 1/07/2012 to 30/06/2013

Topical Coverage

  • agricultural production
  • land use
  • agriculture
  • forestry
  • livestock
  • horticulture
  • farming
  • farm practices
  • land use
  • supplementary feed crops
  • arable
  • grain and seed crops
  • irrigation
  • cultivation and direct drilling
  • pasture renewal
  • fertiliser
  • fruit
  • vegetables

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Caveats on release

Users should be aware when conducting comparisons between years that the populations used in the censuses and surveys of agriculture production since 1994 differ from each other and from those prior to 1994.

Agricultural Production Survey 2013: The population was all units that were identified on Statistics New Zealand's Business Frame or IRD Client Register as being engaged in agricultural activity (livestock, cropping, horticulture and forestry). The Business Frame is a list of businesses in New Zealand based on firms registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) with the Inland Revenue Department while the Client Register consists of all businesses registered with that department. This composite frame was used to ensure a comprehensive coverage of agricultural activity in New Zealand was achieved. The population included those “lifestylers” who were identifiable on IRD’s Client Register or Statistic NZ’s Business Frame as being engaged in in-scope agricultural activity.

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