Agricultural Production Surveys and Censuses series


The target population for the Agricultural Production Surveys and Censuses series is businesses engaged in agricultural activity (including livestock, cropping, horticulture and forestry), and that own land or have a lease on land that is intended to be used for agricultural activity. These businesses are selected from Statistics New Zealand's Business Frame and are defined as having agricultural activity. In terms of the ANZSIC06 classification, the target population will consist of: A01 Agriculture A0301 (excluding native forestry) and parts of : L671200 Non-Residential Property Operators M691000 Scientific Research Services (agriculture-related research that involves land holding (excluding universities)) P802300 Combined primary and secondary education (agricultural high school operation) P802400 Special school education (special needs education involving agricultural production activity) P810200 Higher education (agriculture-related research undertaken by universities that involves land holding) R912100 Horse and Dog Racing Administration and Track Operation R912900 Other Horse and Dog Racing Activities (racehorse training and racing stables operations) R892200 Nature Reserves and Conservation Parks Operation The target population will exclude: A019300 beekeeping, and part of A019900 Other Livestock Farming nec (worm farming, pet breeding, dog breeding, cat breeding, bird breeding (except poultry, game birds, ostriches and emus). A017100 Poultry Meat ( broilers are being modelled from data supplied by Poultry Industry )

  • Note that the target population for each survey or census changes, so they are specifically described at the study level
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