Agriculture Published Variables (v. 2016)

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Version Updated 28/03/2016

Agriculture Published Variables (v. 2016)

15% Potassic superphosphate

30% Potassic superphosphate

All other arable crops for silage or balage (ha)

All other arable crops for silage or balage (tonnes)

All other calves still on the farm

All other fertilisers applied

All Other Flowers

All other grain & seed crops

All other land

All other livestock

All other nitrogen based fertiliser (2002)

All other nursery crops

All Other Nursery Crops

All Other Outdoor Horticultural Crops Not Previously Specified

All other outdoor horticultural crops not previously specified

All other phosphatic (2002)

All other phosphatic fertilisers

All other pigs

All other poultry (2003 onwards)

All Other Poultry (Includes Small Flocks)

All Other Poultry Slaughtered (2003 Onwards)

All other silage (for own use)

All other silage (sold)

All other veges and herbs grown indoors

Alpaca and llamas

Appears Within

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