DataInfo+ user guide

This user guide aims to help you understand how to use DataInfo+, including how to find your way around, how to search, and how to get personalised help.

About DataInfo+

DataInfo+ is a free web tool, which gives you one place to search or browse for information about the statistics we produce. It contains information about:
  • which statistics we produce
  • who and what we measure
  • how we source, process, and analyse the data
  • how the data is used.

DataInfo+ gives you the background to our statistical releases, and technical details to help you understand and interpret the statistics we produce.

DataInfo+ also shows the connections across our statistical activities by linking surveys that use the same methods or concepts.

Note: DataInfo+ does not contain any datasets. You can access Statistics NZ data via the online tools on the Statistics NZ website.

Getting started

There are two ways to start using DataInfo+:
  • by using the search box on the top right of the homepage
  • by selecting a category that interests you.

Start by using the search box

Enter a keyword into the search box and click search. The search function works best if you use only one keyword at a time. Use advanced search for more detailed search options.

See Searching DataInfo+ for more information.

Start by selecting a category

Find our series

Click on Series to bring up a list of statistics we produce. Scroll through the list to find what you need.

The series list is in alphabetical order. You can also sort the list by item type, version date, or metadata rank.

See Sorting search results for more about these sort options.

More about what we measure and how we produce our statistics

Click the category link that interests you to bring up a list of category items and their descriptions. Scroll through the list to find what you need.

Each category list is in alphabetical order. You can also sort the list by item type, version date, or metadata rank.

See Sorting search results for more about these sort options.

Searching DataInfo+

For best results, search using one keyword at a time.

DataInfo+ searches for exact matches. It searches the name, keywords (topical coverage), and description of a record.

Basic search

To do a basic search, type a keyword into the search box on the homepage and click search.

From the search result screen, you can browse through the list of results.

To do a new search, simply type a new keyword into the search box.

Advanced search

Click on Advanced search options to display the advanced search feature of DataInfo+.

Ticking the All box will search for your query across all types of information in DataInfo+, for example, concepts, variables, and questions.

To narrow your search by information type, tick the box for each information type you are interested in. You can select multiple boxes to search for a keyword across one or more information types.

Sorting search results

When you search in DataInfo+, searches are returned in alphabetical order. However, you can also sort your results in the following ways.

Item type

Sort the results by information type, for example, group together concepts, questions, or variables.

Version date

Sort the results by the date the version of the record was created, that is, show the most recent records at the top.

Metadata rank

Sort results by how often a record has been referenced within DataInfo+, for example, a record with a metadata rank of four has been referenced four times. Records with the highest metadata rank are shown at the top.

Navigating a record

To view the information contained within the record, navigate up and down the page using your browser scroll bar.

The expandable and collapsible section on the top left-hand side of the record allows you to navigate to related information for a particular study or series, for example, the concepts used.

To return to the DataInfo+ homepage at any time, click on the DataInfo+ banner or the Home link in the footer.


The icon at the top of a record lets you know what type of information you are viewing.

See the DataInfo+ glossary for an explanation of our icons.

Tool bar

The tool bar at the top right-hand side lets you view information about the record. It contains three icons.

The information icon contains the identification number for the record viewed. The clock icon allows you to view the version history of a record. The arrow icon lets you download a metadata xml file of a record.

Referenced by / Appears within

This shows which other records the record you are viewing is related to.

Finding glossary terms

DataInfo+ contains the Glossary of common terms used on the Statistics NZ website. You can browse the list of glossary terms or search for a particular term by selecting concepts in the DataInfo+ advanced search options and entering a keyword.

Understanding DataInfo+ terms

See the DataInfo+ glossary for help to understand some of the statistical terms we use.

Getting more help

For personalised help using DataInfo+ and finding information, contact our Information Centre:

Phone: 0508 525 525 toll-free


For information on accessing our data, contact the Microdata Access Team.

Giving feedback

We welcome your feedback on DataInfo+. Please use our form.

Give us feedback on DataInfo+.

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