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Non-profit institutions satellite account (NPISA) measures and analyses the contribution of non-profit institutions to New Zealand’s economy and includes an estimate of the contribution volunteers make to their activities.


The development of the NPISA is part of a wider international comparative study of the non-profit sector that New Zealand is participating in. It is being led by the Centre for Civil Society Studies at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. The Johns Hopkins University project compares information on the non-profit sector around the world. Started in 1990, the project now extends to more than 40 countries and involves a common framework for analysis, including information-gathering strategies and a set of definitions for determining which institutions fit within the project’s scope. The work entails commissioning each country in the project to research the history of the non-profit sector, the legal and policy environments, and the impact of the sector on society.

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Non-profit Institutions Satellite Account

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Statistics New Zealand: National Accounts


Statistics New Zealand

Coverage Information

Temporal Coverage

  • 2004
  • 2013

Topical Coverage

  • Total income and its components
  • Total expenditure and its components
  • Total employment remuneration, including an estimate of the value of formal unpaid labour
  • Operating surplus and savings
  • Number of institutions by type
  • Number of paid employees
  • Number of volunteers


Usage and limitations of the data

The non-profit institutions satellite account brings together all non-profit institutions and analyses the contribution they make to the economy. The NPISA aims to provide the missing information, including measuring the value of formal unpaid work. In doing so it extends the production boundary of the New Zealand System of National Accounts(NZSNA). However, the NPISA does not measure the full range of goods and services produced in what is broadly referred to as the ‘non-profit sector’. It is confined to institutions within that sector. Individuals, households, or groups of people who come together informally – to mutually provide services to either themselves or third parties – are not included in the NPISA. Consequently, it does not measure the full range of ‘voluntary’ activity occurring in society.

Main users of the data

Government Departments, the media, researchers, non-profit sector, and the National Accounts of Statistics NZ

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