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Local authority statistics are quarterly accounting-based estimates of the money local authorities in New Zealand earn and spend on their core business. All local authorities are included in the quarterly Local Authority Survey. Local authorities are city councils, district councils, unitary authorities, and regional councils.

Each quarter, revisions may be made to the previously published series. Changes resulting from the inclusion of new and revised annual information are generally limited to once a year, and are usually released with the June quarter statistics.


The purpose of this survey is to collect quarterly statistics from local authorities. Aggregated statistics from this survey will:

  • provide information for the publication of quarterly local authority financial statistics
  • help in the preparation of New Zealand’s national accounts, prices indexes, and related statistics
  • help businesses, government, and other organisations to plan and make decisions.

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Local Authority Statistics (quarterly)

Alternate Title

LAS (quarterly)


National Accounts


Statistics New Zealand


Statistics New Zealand

Coverage Information

Temporal Coverage

  • 1992-07 to present

Topical Coverage

  • Local authorities' income
  • Local authorities' expenditure

Usage and limitations of the data

The quarterly data help in the preparation of National Accounts specifically in the quarterly gross domestic product. It only produces an aggregated output of operating income and expenditure of local authorities.


3 Quarterly

Significant events impacting this study series

From March 2014 quarter onwards, the quarterly local authority statistics became a part-survey, part-model combination. The large councils (38 councils) are surveyed while the remaining smaller councils (41) are modelled. The idea behind this is that it reduces the burden on small councils with limited resources.

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