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Birthplace refers to the country where the respondent was born. --

Variable name: Birthplace This question is used as a filter/routing question for year of arrival in New Zealand or years since arrival in New Zealand. Definition: Birthplace refers to the country where the respondent was born. A country is the current name, either short or official of a country, dependency or other area of particular geopolitical interest. The term country is defined to include: independent countries recognised by the New Zealand government; units which are recognised geographic areas; administrative subdivisions of Australia and the United Kingdom; overseas dependencies, external territories of independent countries. Questionnaire: Individual form question 9. Subject population: Census Night Population Count. Non-response: Non-response to the country of birth question was 3.9%, which was lower than in 1996, when non-response was 4.5%. Quality level: Birthplace is a defining variable. Comparability with previous census data: Country of birth is generally comparable with 1996 data. There is a minor change in the classification.
Things to be aware of: There are no quality issues affecting this variable.

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