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Productivity is a measure of how efficiently inputs (capital and labour) are used within the economy to produce outputs. Productivity is commonly defined as a ratio of a volume measure of output to a volume measure of input. Growth in productivity means that a nation for example can produce more output from the same amount of input, or the same level of output from fewer inputs. Productivity growth is an important contributing factor to a nation’s long-term material standard of living.


Productivity analysis aims to explain the drivers of output growth. Output growth can be attributed to either an increase in labour or capital input, more efficient utilisation of inputs, or a combination of both. Productivity measures can be either single factor (that is, relating a measure of output to a single measure of input), or multifactor (that is, relating a measure of output to total inputs). Labour and capital productivity are single (or partial) factor productivity measures; they show productivity growth in terms of that particular input. Multifactor productivity (MFP) takes into account substitution between labour and capital inputs, and is therefore not directly affected by a change in the mix of inputs. Productivity measures cover a subset of the economy referred to as the ‘measured sector’. Further detail can be found in the section 'Industry coverage – the measured sector'. Series for output, labour inputs, and capital inputs are used for deriving partial productivity estimates. The two primary inputs (labour and capital) are combined to form a composite input index, which then allows for the residual calculation of MFP. A change in MFP reflects the change in output that cannot be accounted for by changes in the measures of labour and capital inputs.

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Productivity Measures Statistics


Statistics New Zealand


Statistics New Zealand

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