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Business demography statistics coverage is limited to economically significant enterprises that are engaged in producing goods and services in New Zealand. An enterprise must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • annual expenses or sales subject to GST of more than $30,000
  • 12-month rolling mean employee count of greater than three
  • part of a group of enterprises
  • registered for GST and involved in agriculture or forestry
  • over $40,000 of income recorded in the IR10 annual tax return (this includes some units in residential property leasing and rental).

We continually monitor enterprises recorded on Inland Revenue's client registration file to determine whether they meet the 'economic significance' requirements for inclusion. Enterprises maintained on the BR represent the target population from which Statistics NZ's economic surveys are selected.

We exclude all non-trading or dormant enterprises, as well as enterprises outside New Zealand, from business demography statistics.

Inclusive : Yes.

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