Government Finance Statistics (General Government): Coverage


Government Finance Statistics (General Government): Coverage


General government is the consolidation of the local, state, and central government subsectors. New Zealand's government has no state sector.

Central government: The population is made up of all New Zealand core Crown departments and most Crown entities. Some Crown entities, such as Housing New Zealand, are excluded because they operate as market entities. A market entity provides goods or services at prices that are economically significant. State-owned enterprises are public non-financial corporations and are therefore not included in the scope of the central government sector. However, equity ownership of the market-operating Crown entities and state-owned enterprises is included in the balance sheet as a financial asset.

Local government: Includes all local authorities (city councils, district councils, unitary authorities, and regional councils) and local government special-purpose entities, such as Auckland Transport, and its predecessor the Auckland Regional Transport Authority, as well as museums.

The operations of council-controlled organisations (CCOs), which include local authority-owned corporations or trading entities, are generally not part of the local government sector covered by GFS. However, we include two CCOs because they operate as non-market entities. These are Auckland Transport and Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development.

Inclusive : Yes.

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