Counting people


Table differences

The way the tables count people differs as follows:

  • The prosecuted adult and the convicted adult tables only ever count an adult once. Sometimes one adult may be prosecuted in court several times within a year. That adult will only be counted once, and will be shown in the offence category for which they received their most serious charge outcome and sentence. This method is consistent with international best practice.

How counts for geographic locations are recorded

Counts for geographic locations are recorded as follows:

  • The prosecuted adult and the convicted adult tables only record the court location of the most serious offence for adults prosecuted by different courts in a calendar year. This method ensures that data for an adult is only counted once in tables.

Other points to note

  • People are counted and identified by an identifier, issued by either the police or the courts.
  • It is possible that a particular person may have multiple identities or aliases. Such people could be counted more than once within a calendar year.

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