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Includes: A total of 3,809 families participated in the Childcare Survey, consisting of 6,474 parents and 7,185 children aged between 0 and 13 Includes: The target population was defined as "the civilian, usually resident, non-institutionalised population living in private households, who are in the parent role of children aged 0-13 years, or are themselves children aged 0-13 years". Includes: For school aged children, the terms "care" or "care arrangements" are defined as when the child was attending a before or after school care programme, or was being looked after by someone other than a parent living in the household.

Excludes: Childcare and services in this survey do not include attendance at extracurricular activities, for example swimming lessons. Excludes: People living in non-private dwellings Excludes: long term residents of old peoples homes Excludes: People living in hospitals and psychiatric institutions Excludes: inmates of penal institutions Excludes: permanent members of the armed forces Excludes: Overseas diplomats Excludes: Overseas visitors who expect to be usually resident in New Zealand for less than 12 months Excludes: People living on offshore islands (except for Waiheke Island)

Inclusive : Yes.

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