ICT Supply Survey Population 2007-present


ICT Supply Survey Population 2007-present


From 2007-present, the following population definitions were applied.

All enterprises with a rolling mean employment (RME) of two or more, or having more than $1 million GST sales have been surveyed within selected Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 2006 ( ANZSIC06 ) codes. These ANZSIC06 codes are:

C241900 Other professional and scientific equipment manufacturing C242100 Computer and electronic office equipment manufacturing C242200 Communication equipment manufacturing C242900 Other electronic equipment manufacturing C243100 Electric cable and wire manufacturing

F349100 Professional and scientific goods wholesaling F349200 Computer and computer peripheral wholesaling F349300 Telecommunication goods wholesaling F349400 Other electrical and electronic goods wholesaling

G426000 Department stores G422200 Computer and computer peripheral retailing

J542000 Software publishing J562200 Cable and other subscription broadcasting J570000 Internet publishing and broadcasting J580100 Wired telecommunications network operation J580200 Other telecommunications network operations J580900 Other telecommunications services J591000 Internet service providers and web search portals J592100 Data processing and web hosting services J592200 Electronic information storage services

M700000 Computer system design and related services

S942200 Electronic (except domestic appliance) and precision equipment repair and maintenance

For ANZSIC06 codes that contain businesses that may or may not be in scope of the population, only those that include ICT-relevant keywords in their 'main activities', 'enterprise names', and 'income sources' are selected for the population. This ensures that we survey only enterprises that are involved in ICT activities. This process is applied to the following ANZSICs:

L663900 Other goods and equipment rental and hiring (not elsewhere classified) C241200 Medical and surgical equipment manufacturing

Inclusive : Yes.

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