Household living-costs price indexes (HLPIs)

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Household living-costs price indexes (HLPIs) provide new insights into the inflation experienced by 13 different household groups:

  • beneficiaries

  • Māori

  • income quintiles (five groups)

  • expenditure quintiles (five groups)

  • superannuitants.

We publish an all-households HLPI for comparison.


Our decision to create the HLPIs was a response to the 2013 CPI Advisory Committee recommendations (Statistics NZ, 2013) and associated submissions from public consultation in 2014 (Statistics NZ, 2014a). The committee, a customer group set up to advise on the consumers price index (CPI), reconfirmed the CPI’s principal use is to inform monetary policy-setting. It also acknowledged the CPI’s design is a compromise between this principal use and other uses, such as adjusting a range of public and private payments.

The committee recommended we provide extra indexes to reflect changes in the purchasing power of incomes for different demographic groups.

The CPI measures the change in prices of goods and services acquired by New Zealand-resident private households. It is an aggregate measure that represents the price change experienced on average by households. This makes it well suited for use as a national barometer of inflation.

The methods are aligned with the CPI’s principal use as a macroeconomic indicator for monetary policy purposes. Yet, hidden behind all averages is a distribution. The distribution of inflation means the CPI does not necessarily align well with inflation experienced by different demographic groups.

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Household living-costs price indexes (HLPIs)


Household living-costs price index

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Statistics New Zealand


Inflation measures for household groups

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Temporal Coverage

  • 2008-06 to present

Topical Coverage

  • inflation
  • Income
  • expenditure
  • Household
  • Maori
  • Superannuitants
  • beneficiaries

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