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All data produced and managed by the National Accounts Quarterlies team for the production of quarterly GDP releases. QGDP outputs are: - the production-based measure of GDP in chain-volume measures expressed in 2009/10 prices GDP(P) - the expenditure-based measure of GDP in both current prices and chain-volume measures expressed in 2009/10 prices – GDP(E)


This quarterly release provides a snapshot of the performance of the economy. GDP is New Zealand's official measure of economic growth.

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National Accounts - Quarterlies

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National Accounts - Quarterlies


Statistics New Zealand


Statistics New Zealand

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Significant events impacting this study series

New Zealand produced its first quarterly GDP series in 1984. This was a constant price series with a base year of 1977/78. It was later rebased at 1982/83 prices and was the base year for the quarterly constant price expenditure on GDP series when it was introduced. Then both the GDP and expenditure series were rebased to 1991/92 prices and released with this base year in June 1996. The currently published series has moved from a base-weighted method to a chain-volume method, where each year is valued in the prices of the previous year and then chained together. It is expressed in the prices of the 1995/96 year.

Significant changes to compilation methods and data sources have been introduced since the publication of the first edition of this report in 1996. These include the implementation of the new international standard, System of National Accounts 1993; the rebasing of the constant price series from 1991/92 to 1995/96 prices; the introduction of chain-linking; and the adoption of a new industry classification, the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 1996 (ANZSIC96) and 2006 (ANZSIC06).

Main users of the data

RBNZ, The Treasury, various government offices, various private and public financial companies, local and international organisations, banks, and others.

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