Internet Service Providers Survey Population March 2005 - March 2006


All resident New Zealand Internet service providers, where Internet service providers were defined as economically significant businesses that supply permanent or regular Internet connectivity services to individuals, households, businesses and other organisations in New Zealand. A business is considered economically significant if it is found on the Statistics NZ Business Frame and meets one or more of the following criteria: - has greater than $30,000 annual GST expenses or sales - had more than two employees over the last year - is in a GST-exempt industry (except for residential property leasing and rental) - is part of a group of enterprises - is involved in agriculture or forestry and had greater than zero annual GST activity. For the purposes of this survey, the population included all resident ISPs, regardless of their RME (rolling mean employee) measurement, found on the Statistics NZ Business Frame or other employment measures.

Inclusive : Yes.

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