Household Economic Survey population


The target population is all usually resident individuals of private dwellings in urban and rural areas in the North Island, South Island and Waiheke Island of New Zealand. The following people are out of scope:

• Overseas visitors who have been or expect to be, in New Zealand for less than 12 months

• Residents of non-private dwellings such as hotels, motels, hostels, and boarding houses

• Long-term residents of institutions such as hospitals and/or prisons. Persons in homes for the aged (including rest homes) where there are communal cooking facilities (where long-term is defined as more than 6 weeks)

• Members of permanent armed forces who live in non-private dwellings e.g. barracks

• Members of overseas New Zealand armed forces

• Non-NZ diplomats and their families

• New Zealand usual residents of offshore islands with the exception of Waiheke Island.

Inclusive : Yes.

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