Usual Residence Five Years Ago - 2001 Census


Usual residence five years ago is the usual residence of a respondent five years prior to the date that the data is collected. --

Variable name: Usual Residence Five Years Ago Definition: Usual residence five years ago is the usual residence of a respondent five years prior to the date that the data is collected. The usual residence five years ago indicator provides general information on where people usually resided five years ago in relation to their present usual residence. A question on usual residence five years ago, in conjunction with a question on usual residence, provides information on the migration of people within New Zealand and from overseas to New Zealand.
There are two outputs from this question: 1. an indicator of whether people lived in New Zealand five years ago or not and 2. a geographic location of where they lived if they were in New Zealand (Area Unit, Regional Council and Territorial Authority) Questionnaire: Individual form Question 7. Subject population: Census Night Population Count. Non-response: Non response is less than 5.5%. Quality level: Usual Residence Five Years Ago is a defining variable. Comparability with previous census data: Usual Residence five Years Ago indicator classification has changed since 1996. In 2001 the categories were: 1. Same as current address 2. Elsewhere in New Zealand 3. Not born five years ago 4. Overseas 5. No fixed abode 5 years ago in 1996 there were two more categories 6. Not specified (within New Zealand) 7. Not specified (Overseas) Things to be aware of: Area unit is the lowest level of coding. The indicator is consistent with the area unit code apart from some overseas visitors. Overseas visitors often gave a multiple response. They responded to both 'at the address you gave in question 5' and 'not living in New Zealand'. Both of these responses are correct, although users of the data would prefer the latter. There are some inconsistencies between this variable when combining it with Years at usual residence and Years since arrival in New Zealand as there were no consistency edits applied to the data. People in New Zealand 5 years ago, but not stating where in New Zealand, are included as part of Elsewhere in New Zealand.

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