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The Survey of Dynamics and Motivations for Migration in New Zealand (DMM) is the first statistical dataset describing the motivations behind people's decisions to move to another area or to stay in an area. The primary focus of this survey is to provide an understanding of the drivers behind internal migration in New Zealand, and give some understanding of the interaction between the drivers. The survey data will not only provide benchmark data at a national level, but will allow for some initial analysis at the subnational level. The DMM survey was a supplement to the Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) for the March 2007 quarter. Internationally, there have been few surveys on the motivations for moving or not moving between different areas within a country. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) undertook a similar survey in Queensland and Victoria in 2000 and we also know of a Scandinavian study of a similar kind. So the data is rare and unique and will hopefully be the background to a series of new research papers on migration in this country.


Census data provides answers to many research questions on internal migration, but in this country so far there has been very limited survey information on the motivations behind people’s decisions to move or not to move and individual perceptions of the consequences of that move.

Some topical research questions on internal migration are: - What types of people show greater propensity to move or not to move? - Why do people move or not move? - What are the characteristics of the internal migration flows?

Information on the motivations for internal migration is of interest when informing government policy on development and sustainability. In particular, any variability of this information with respect to demographic characteristics and geographic detail will be fundamental to any sound policy debate on regional development.

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Survey of the Dynamics and Motivations for Migration

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The Survey of the Dynamics and Motivation for Migration in New Zealand 2007 (DMM) is the first survey on internal migration at a national level in this country. The migration research community has shown a lot of interest in this survey, so it is expected there will be a high level of future use of the data for research projects over the next two to three years. A DMM micro dataset is currently in use in the Data Laboratory by Professor Phil Morrison, Victoria University and his PhD student Michael Sloan. A Confidentialised Unit Record File (CURF) dataset on CD ROM has been requested by several researchers. Papers have been presented at overseas conferences and being published in well known journals.

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