2018 PES Processed Data (Published)

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2018 Post Enumeration Survey Processed Data (Published)


This is the final processed dataset used as an input into Census 2018 over and under coverage estimation.

2018 PES Processed Data (Published)

A unique identifier given to all PES person questionnaire responses.

Unique identifier for each interviewed dwelling

Defines if a PES respondent is in scope for Census 2018 and if the respondent is in scope for coverage estimation.

NZ Residents overseas on census night.

PES person questionnaire response code

PES response code for household questionnaire

Defines a household's participation in the survey by simplifying household survey outcome codes.

Variable defines if a PES respondent had sufficient information for linking to 2018 Census.

Redefines the PQ response code to group survey respondents and non-respondents

Eligibility status for household to be used in coverage estimation.

Used to determines if a household is eligible to be used for coverage estimation

Denotes whether the PES respondent should have been counted in Census or not.

Meshblock area relating to PES interview address coordinates

Respondent age at Census night: March 6, 2018

Respondent's country of birth

Respondent sex

PES Respondent is of Māori descent

Respondents ethnic group(s) at classification level 2

Indicates if respondent is born in New Zealand

Respondent is of Māori ethnicity

Pacific ethnic group indicator

Samoan ethnic indicator

Other Pacific ethnicity indicator

Asian ethnicity indicator

Asian ethnicity indicator


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