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2018 Post-Enumeration Survey

The 2018 Post-enumeration Survey (PES) was the fifth to be undertaken in New Zealand since the inaugural PES in 1996. The 2018 PES, like its predecessors, was a sample survey of individuals in private dwellings. The survey was carried out between 26 April and 2 July 2018 and included around 15,100 dwellings which made up around 37,500 individual responses.


The main purpose of the Post Enumeration Survey (PES) is to measure the level of coverage (undercount and overcount) in the Census. Coverage measures are used as key performance indicators for the 2018 Census, with the PES constituting a major part of the evaluation component for the 2018 Census. This evaluation component is a government requirement when requesting funding for large programmes. The 2018 PES maintained the sample size that was increased for the 2013 PES, along with other planned quality improvement initiatives, to enable more robust evaluation of census.

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2018 Post-Enumeration Survey

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Main users of the data

Those concerned with the performance of Census 2018 in counting those who usually reside here in New Zealand. Internally, this is of high importance for creating the 2018 base-estimated resident population and for assessing some of the key performance indicators of the Census 2018 program.

More widely, this data is of interest to population planners, researchers and other government agencies.

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