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The Ready-Mix Concrete survey collects information on ready-mix concrete production in New Zealand. It has been published on a quarterly basis since 1992. The data is only available via Infoshare.


To obtain an indication of trends in the quarterly volume of ready-mix concrete produced in New Zealand.

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Production Statistics- Ready-mix Concrete


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Statistics New Zealand

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Temporal Coverage

  • 1963-12

Topical Coverage

  • Production
  • Industry
  • Concrete
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction


3 Quarterly

Significant events impacting this study series

Seasonally adjusted and trend series were added in the September 2018 quarter, along with new time series identifiers.

The Quarterly Ready-mixed Concrete Production survey began in 1963. Throughout the years the survey hasn't had any major changes in the survey design. However, there have been slight changes made to the regional categories in the one page releases, such as the inclusion of metropolitan areas from the December 1987 quarter onwards.

In 1995, it was decided to change the classification of the regions. Previously regions were classified by the Ready Mixed Concrete Association to which respondents belonged. Due to the limited usefulness for research purposes it was decided to use local government regions. Statistics for the new regions were calculated back to the March 1992 quarter.

The earliest data for the Ready-mixed Concrete Production Survey is the New Zealand Total which is stored on Infoshare from the March 1992 quarter onwards. The series reference on Infoshare is SEP.

From the first quarter in 1993, the Auckland ready-mixed concrete production data was extracted from the Ready-mixed Concrete survey, two weeks earlier than Ready-mixed Concrete Production release. The production figures in the Auckland release are the same as those in the main release for the Auckland region.

Usage and limitations of the data

In conjunction with production information collected on the other commodities, provides important economic indicators for the whole economy and regional areas. Individual firms also use statistics for market research.

Main users of the data

Concrete Industry Reserve Bank of New Zealand Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority

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