Agriculture Production Survey: June 2010 population


Population frame The Agricultural Production Survey includes all units identified on Statistics New Zealand's Business Frame as having agricultural activity. The Business Frame is a list of businesses in New Zealand, based on their registration for goods and services tax (GST) with Inland Revenue.
It should be noted that the compulsory registration level for GST is $60,000, so there is a partial and unquantifiable coverage of units below this level. Survey population The survey population for the Agricultural Production Survey is all businesses engaged in 'agricultural production activity' (including livestock, cropping, horticulture, and forestry), or which own land that is intended for agricultural activity. The survey population includes businesses engaged in agriculture or forestry production as a primary or secondary activity. Responses from farmers and foresters in the 2011 Agricultural Production Survey have resulted in an estimated eligible population of 60,000 enterprises.

Inclusive : Yes.

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