Comparability with police-sourced crime data


Differences between police- and court-sourced data

Note the following differences between police- and court-sourced data when comparing recorded crime figures with prosecution, conviction, or sentencing figures:

  • Not all offences recorded by Police are resolved, and there are vastly different resolution rates by type of offence.
  • Not all offences resolved by Police result in a person being prosecuted in court. A person can be cautioned or warned, or ordered to undergo some diversionary action or attend a family group conference.
  • The police and court figures relate to different time periods. The court figures include all charges finalised in a year. The police figures include all proceedings within a given year (calendar or fiscal).
  • Agencies other than the Police may prosecute people (e.g. Customs Service, Ministry for Primary Industries, the Serious Fraud Office etc). Justice data include both police and non-police prosecutions.

Police crime data

See for the latest available New Zealand Police crime statistics.

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