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Internal migration estimates using linked administrative data: 2014–17 shows the potential for using administrative address data in the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) as a data source for measuring movements of New Zealand residents within the country.

Benefits of this new approach are:

· Data is produced at a very granular level, making it possible to aggregate to different geographic areas.

· We can measure internal migration by identifying individuals’ movements from notifications of address changes over a time period, ie annually, thus enhancing the existing transition-based internal migration measures (eg by census). The transition-based measure identifies individuals’ resident location at two specific time points, yet they may have several address changes between those reference points. Our approach will include all resident movements over the period.

· By measuring all internal migration flows between and within geographic areas of New Zealand, we will extend the information on the underlying dynamics of annual subnational population flows.

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Experimental internal migration

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